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Working FAQs

Not a dime! Our platform is free to providers. We’re paid by the awesome employers that hire you.

We take protecting physician’s personal information very seriously. Every precaution is made to secure your documents and data through the use of industry-standard encryption and password protection. All data at rest is stored encrypted. We also have strict policies and procedures to restrict who has access to our data.

Your contact information and credentialing documents are never shared with a medical practice, until both you and the practice have decided to engage with one another on the platform. We try to do things differently around here and that means that unlike traditional agencies, you control how much or how little you’d like our recruiters involved in your placement.

No. Malpractice coverage will be provided by Lucidity Direct or the medical practice where you work after accepting an assignment.
Simple. Your key documentation is already stored on our site, making it easy for everyone to access and exchange. As usual, there’s no fee for you.
Travel reimbursement is included in the negotiation process, and whether you request it is completely up to you. We promptly handle all expense reimbursements once submitted.
Your pay will be directly deposited into your bank account every week by Lucidity Direct. Even better – if you work as scheduled, you don’t need to do a thing to your timesheets, the app submits them for you, automatically!
Absolutely! Lucidity Direct has partnered with a national leader in state medical licensure assistance to help you obtain or renew state medical licenses, DEAs, and CSRs, at a special discount price.
Our loyalty rewards program where your points equal cash, quick and secure third-party document sharing, and fast reliable pay…. to name a few.
Of course. You are always welcome to text us at 513-866-4258 or shoot us an email at We’ll get back to you quickly!

Hiring FAQs

As many as you want! There’s never a fee or charge to post your opportunities.

It’s free to set up accounts with Lucidity Direct, and you can have as many users as you want. Our goal is to make you more efficient and save you money – if you want one person managing your postings on Lucidity Direct, that’s great. If you want to create accounts for many recruiters, credentialers, and schedulers to manage different aspects of the platform, that works too! You have complete flexibility.

Not a problem. We let you decide how little or how involved you’d like to be in the process.
Just a matter of minutes. We’ll have your job opportunity available to our physician network in no time!

First and foremost, the providers you find on Lucidity Direct are highly motivated to find locums work and have signed up for the platform on their own volition. Many have multiple state licenses and are ready to book shifts with practices like you.

We are also committed to posting accurate provider profiles; we use various primary sources to verify training, licensure, board certification and other credentials. We continue to monitor this information to ensure it remains accurate at all times.

Ultimately, Lucidity Direct is providing you the same, if not better, service than a traditional agency, for a fraction of the cost. It’s a win-win to fill your shifts with us.

That’s completely up to you. Feel free to use your own policy or you can opt to use our policy. We maintain the highest-rated policy for providers at all times, and the limits are always sufficient to cover a provider per the state and/or hospital requirements.
Simple. Many times, the provider’s key documentation is already stored in their profile and all documents get verified by a real person for legibility and expiration. You can attach standard forms and documents to your opportunities which become available to providers immediately when the credentialing process begins.
Travel reimbursement is left up to you and the provider to agree upon during negotiations. It’s completely up to you! If agreed upon, we will handle reimbursing the provider.
Of course. We are disrupting this industry and realize that this is a new way of doing things. You are always welcome to contact us, by phone or email: (513) 572-2592 /


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